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Core Business Values

Electec undertakes work across the Midlands and South and have a broad knowledge of the areas in which we work. Health and safety is our number one priority giving our clients the comfort that all current legislation is being adhered to. We also have a distinctive approach to how we work with our Clients.
Our Approach to Partnering
Working closely with our Clients we are able to provide a true Partnering ethos and Added Value for all Stakeholders. Continuous Improvement in our delivery and core service is at the top of our agenda and we are committed to working in Partnership with our Clients.
Empowering People

Empowering the communities in which we work is essential to the constant development of all Stakeholders.

Electec look to commit to an organised programme of events and we take a proactive role within the communities in which we work. Engagement with the communities occurs naturally as part of our unique business culture, providing benefits and contributing environmentally and socially where possible, with Customers and the local community to provide training and employment opportunities.

We are aware of the impacts that our actions may have on the surrounding environment and on all of our projects, we will strive to protect and where possible, enhance biodiversity and we will often work with Stakeholders and Clients to safeguard the ecological balance of projects.

Training & Development

Electec places a great emphasis in training as we believe that it is essential in maintaining and developing our core business values and company culture.

We look to recruit and retain the best people in the industry and the continuous development and retention of local people on local projects enables us to provide a positive contribution to the communities in which we work.

Best Practice
Electec have a Zero Tolerance Policy on poor practice. We encourage Best Practice through training, sharing of knowledge, active performance monitoring and incentivisation for our Employees and Supply Chain Partners.
Sustainability & the Environment

Sustainability is about minimising the impact of our operations and the impact of the finished Buildings we construct on the environment. This includes socio-economic factors (such as local employment, training and community issues) as well as the more easily recognised ecological and carbon reduction issues.

Design and construction are the two key stages in providing efficient and sustainable developments. By the time a building has been built, 80 90% of its life cycle, economic and ecological costs have already been made inevitable. It is imperative we do not miss the opportunity to get this right during these stages

We are committed to:

  • Environmental Manaagement Systems (ISO 14001),
  • Quality Management (ISO 9001)
  • Energy efficiency and conservation
  • Environmental design
  • Pollution reduction
  • Recyling and re-use of materials
  • Waste reduction in construction
  • Integration of renewable technologies
Green Procurement

All procurement will take full account of supply chain green credentials as an integral part of the selection process.

All contractual documentation will be aligned with clients needs with appropriate clauses which ensure that our procurement processes are fully aligned to clients’ demands and legislation.